Daniela Holtz ...

…was born in Stuttgart/ Bad Cannstatt and grew up in Algeria, Bremen and Bavaria.

After school she worked as a local journalist for the Muencher Merkur and Norbayerische Kurien, before she went to Berlin in 1999 to study acting at the “Ernst Busch” school. In 2003 she had her first major film role in ‘Der wald vor lauter Baeumen’ (The forest for the trees) by Marden Ade, which was nominated for the German film prize, and then worked several years in various theatre companies.

In 2008/2009 Daniela Holtz studied screenwriting at the Hamburg Film school, in 2011 she founded a theatre production company Schneider/Holtz Gbr with Anja Schneider. Their first play ‘Nachtgeschwister’ came out in 2011 and celebrated its 2012 premiere at the Theater Unterm Dach Berlin. As well as writing her own screenplays and plays, she edits other peoples’ radio plays and essays.

Since 2010 she has been a tutor at the “Ernst Busch” school in Berlin, the Theaterakademie Köln and many others. Daniela Holtz holds seminars and workshops that focus on film acting, as well as preparing directors and actors for shooting.

Since 2013 she atteneded the UdK’s annual excellence programme ‘Professor at an artistic university’, partnered with the UdK and the Hff Potsdam.

Daniela lives with her family in Berlin.

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